How do we reARTICULATE, reLOCATE and reMAKE the poiesis in times when the creation is fading against the destruction? What brings into reality meaning, care and hope?

In the age of uncertainty the question of poiesis begs a critical rearticulation: 

*What hope and care can be made when the losses are inevitable? 

*How can we map the arriving plural futures in order to prefigure sustaining responses? 

*Where can we imagine otherwise and think thinking that thinks different thinking? 

*How to unmake the Anthropocene in order to relearn the knowledge that makes time?

*How can we bring into materiality this thinking and understanding when applied to the whole city?

*What do we do to make New Bauhaus a project that helps answering such questions?

We invite the World to gather in Cēsis to make a place where to explore it all.

14.07. deadline for the application and expression of interest: here

22 seats

379 EUR (includes accommodation, three meals per day (locally sourced from biological farms) and all the tools for making of making)

Mentors - leading researchers and practitioners from both Americas, Europe and Australia:

Duncan Fairfax (australian design philosopher, head of design department - Goldsmiths, London, UK/AUS)

Hyperion Çaca Yvaire (Sea Kréyol and Atakapa Ishak territorial practice design-researcher, USA)

Clarice Garcia (design futurist and strategist, AUS)

Agnese Krivade (poet, artist, embodiment activist, LV)

Jānis Ķīnasts (urban environmental planner, designer and placemaker, LV)

Tīna Alise Drupa (human ecologist, interspecies relations philosopher, LV)

Anda Ruskule (PhD geographer and ecosystem services scientist, LV)

Helmuts Caune (philosopher, LV)

Tomass Pildegovičs (PhD Candidate in Politics and International Relations at the University of Cambridge, UK/USA/LV)

Agnese Aljēna (PhD Candidate,  artist and illustrator, LV/FR)

Liene Jākobsone (PhD designer, architect, LV)

Julia Volonts (art therapist USA/LV)

Venue and accommodation: Rucka Artist residency, Cēsis, Latvia